About Us

We are Rebecca & Anthony D'Alessio!

Welcome to our "The Enchanted Coach" Boutique, LLC

The Enchanted Coach is a unique boutique experience.  Our theme of "Royalty" is found across all our business ventures. Royalty is a "mindset". As a small business, it is always hard to get going especially when you have no support structure in place.  It is easy to get frustrated, give up, and sometimes quit. With the "I am Royal" mindset, it is based on the foundation of "I Can, I Will, I Must... Because I am Royal".  Insert your goal of the time for I Must.  For example...  I Can do this, I Will Do this, I Must pay this medical bill... because I am Royal". 

We believe that everyone deserves to succeed. Some take longer than others, but the journey is similar for all small business start-ups.  There are days you work 28 hours in a 24-hour period, days you get excited, days you cry, days you want to quit, and days you refuse to let things get you down.  With the royal mindset, you deserve to have it all! It takes dedication, hard work, and not giving up on achieving the end goal.  We believe everyone has this quality in them!

That being said...

We are Anthony & Rebecca D'Alessio.  Rebecca has been an entrepreneur since 1998 when she started her first business.  She enjoyed being able to do something productive in her off-work time while serving in the US Air Force.  Rebecca had no support from family, friends, or spouses on her business ventures, yet she plunged head on determined to one day build a business that she was proud of and would like to build in order to retire into.  She has owned numerous hobby businesses throughout the years primarily for tax deductions but 2 of them have stood the test of time.  This one will be the third one to bring things full circle.

Rebecca taught herself how to crochet from a book in 2007 and in 2008 opened her Etsy store where she sold her crochet creations.  Since then, she has designed over 120 items and has published 2 books which she continues to sell today.

The second business that we operate is our Bling Me Baby jewelry business that was started in 2019. Though we are no longer Paparazzi consultants, we are continuing to grow that business for all things blingy!  Anything with rhinestones & sequins is fair game from jewelry to clothing to accessories! (https://www.blingmebaby2.com) 

Since starting her crochet Etsy shop back in 2008, it has been her goal to open her own boutique store. Originally it was going to be a yarn café where she would sell crafting supplies, have a snack bar, a sitting area for people to hang out, and teach crochet lessons.  Unfortunately, with her military career and her continued service as a DoD contractor, this never really panned out due to moving and relocating every 2 - 3 years.  She did not want to invest time and effort into a retail store just to close it down to move.  She has not given up on that goal!  Believe me, I, Anthony, hear about it all the time how she still wants her own boutique!

Enter 2021... an opportunity presented itself!  Rebecca was randomly surfing the internet while working in Texas and an ad popped up for a mobile boutique 29' trailer from a clothing store that was going out of business. Rebecca saw the trailer and just had to have it, so we drove 4 hours, stayed the night in a hotel, bought the trailer and then enter COVID so the trailer sat. Enter 2022 and a new job offer presented itself for us to move to Manchester Tennessee.  The offer was too good to pass up, so we loaded up all our belongings and businesses (thank goodness for the trailer! It came in handy!) and relocated across the country to Manchester Tennessee in June of 2022. Now here we are!  We bought a house and got re-settled and Rebecca is determined more than ever to get this boutique going.

Enter.... The Enchanted Coach! We don't have the mobile trailer up and running just yet, but she is going to town on the website and making connections with distributors determined to finally make her dreams come true!

The Enchanted Coach will focus on items that fall within the Royalty theme. For example, Bella & Bear our first distributor was brought on board for their amazing scents and use of color!  In addition, as entrepreneurs, we so rarely ever take time out for ourselves so a "pampering" line fits into our theme because we need to remind ourselves to pamper ourselves once in a while!

Our second distributor that we have lined up will be bringing you amazing fantasy items such as magic wands, dragons, unicorns, mythical creatures, and anything that can be related to an enchanted forest!

Rebecca also wants to cater to artisans. As an artisan herself, she understands what it takes to create something from a pile of supplies, how long it takes, the thought process involved etc. So, we have rolled up Desert Diamond Crochet into our lineup, but she doesn't have much time for crocheting, so we are seeking fellow artisans to either wholesale or consign items to us for the boutique! It can be anything blingy, flashy, enchanted, fantasy, mythical, etc... bring it on!  If you are interested, reach out to us and we will look over your portfolio and hand select items we would like to feature!

We will also be bringing in prince/princess, king/queen costumes and accessories along with tiaras, and we are even considering hosting birthday parties and special events for kids in the future when we get the mobile boutique on the road.

And last but not least, items in the Enchanted Coach will rotate out. Not everything will be a permanent fixture so if you see something you love, we don't know how long we will keep it around. We only have so much space so product rotation will be key to keeping things exciting and magical so you never know what we will show up with.  Especially in the Mobile Boutique Trailer!

Thank you for joining us on this adventure!

We have access to MILLIONS of products so if you are ever looing for anything special, please reach out to us and we will help locate it for you!